Pub under the lime tree

Pub under the lime tree

Červený Kláštor

Visitors of the museum Červený Kláštor besides getting to know ancient history of monks´ lives, having a rest in nice spiritual surroundings, rafting along Dunajec river as well as admirable panoramas with possible climbing up the majestic peak Tri Koruny (Three Crowns) in Pieniny really like to use services of „Kláštorná reštaurácia – Monastic rastaurant“ and the stylish „Krčma pod lipami – Pub under the lime tree“ from the 18th century.

The greatest interest concerns regional catering and drinks served in nice environs with Goral music. All-year products and services offer attractive marriages in the cloister complex, wedding parties, anniversary celebrations as well as various family or business events.


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Krčma pod lipami
059 06 Červený Kláštor
1. nádvorie Kláštora kartuziánov a kamaldulov



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