Spa resort Červený Kláštor

Spa resort Červený Kláštor

Červený Kláštor

The spa resort Červený Kláštor Smerdžonka – is the first, after the war renewed and definitely the most up-to-date spa resort in Slovakia. Visitors are offered: recovery procedures prescribed by doctors and carried out under restraint of trained experts, high standard accommodation in apartments or double-bed rooms directly in the Wellness house or alternative accommodation in spa´s cottage village, catering in a stylish restaurant, convention services as well as many high-quality additional services.

The biggest fortune for health care is the special healing mineral water called ,,SMERDŽONKA“ rich in minerals and hydrosulphide mainly predestined to treat skin diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, neurologic disorders or used as a drinking cure for digestive problems.


Kúpele Červený Kláštor Smerdžonka
059 06 Červený Kláštor 147
Slovenská republika


+421 52 482 2006

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