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Healthy mineral water Smerdžonka springs from the ground since the time we remember. Rumors on the healing water under Tri Koruny (Three Crowns) became popular in the early 14th century as Carthusians used it within their healing practices, followed by Camaldulsian monks from the close monastery later on. The most famous of them was the “flying” monk Cyprian who managed a monastery pharmacy beside of his other duties and thanks to his medical or pharmacological knowledge, he became well-known in a wide vicinity. The herbarium was his masterpiece consisting of 283 samples of herbs and plants.

After the monastery was closed, a local miller was offering a warm bath spa from Smerdžonka in his barn at the beginning of 19th century. Firstly, he heated the water in boilers and then poured it to the wooden tubs. He made a visit of his customers a pleasant stay during their waiting time untilthe milling of their harvest to a flour was done. Thus, a local miller became the pioneer and did not use the spa of Smerdžonka primarily for healing purposes but as a form of relief and relaxation. A few years later, around 1820, the beginning of spa village and original Spa under Tri Koruny (Three Crowns) was set. There were years of rises and falls in previous decades of spa history, whereby they were closed after World War Two. The time has proved the beneficial effects of a unique water, fresh clean air and positive impact of the lovely Pieniny environment itself on the human body. We successfully continue in the tradition and message of our ancestors in SPA ČERVENÝKLÁŠTORSmerdžonka since 2012.

There are skin, respiratory, psychical and oncological diseases, post-operational statesof thyroid and occupational diseases treated in the spa.

Either you need to improve your health state or just to relax and recharge your energy, spa with its complex equipment is becoming an excellent spot for your stay or a short-term visit. Due to a modern facility equipment of the conference hall, stylish restaurant or outdoor sheltered seating, it is a favorite place of gatherings and organization of business and family meetings.


Kúpele Červený Kláštor Smerdžonka
059 06 Červený Kláštor 147
Slovenská republika


+421 52 482 2006


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