Village Lesnica

The oldest village in Pieniny

A village of Gorals living in picturesque nature of Malé Pieniny on the breakthrough of Dunajec river and Lesnica stream with an ice-free spring called Storočná voda (Hundred year water), individual fauna and flora and a great number of marked tourist paths. The original inhabitants lived from agriculture, farming and from an interestingness which lasted until nowadays – rafting along the river Dunajec.

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What is worth visiting in Lesnica?

Dunajec breakthrough

Presents the most attractive breakthrough – a place where the river stream hesitates which watershed it flows in. Whether to the Baltic north or south where most of Slovak rivers flow. Dunajec breakthrough has a length of 8,5 km, fall of 20 m and seven sharp curves, with rocky crests, almost steep walls and picturesque natural sceneries. The breakthrough wanders a way so that the river flows in all cardinal directions even though for a small distance. Such fascinating work of nature can be admired on traditional rafts, adrenaline rafts, bicycles or by foot.

Jánošík’s jump on Dunajec

It is said that Jánošík had a peculiar measure for gifting the poor – his English quality cloth was measured only by eye-sketch. Jánošík as a famous forest robber captain is not mentioned by accident. Jánošík´s jump is considered to be the most popular scenery among many natural attractions. A great panorama of the peak Tri Koruny (Three Crowns) and a rafting tour along Dunajec river each year attracts many visitors from nearby region as well as from distant surroundings.

Breakthrough of Lesnícky stream

Presents a national natural park with unusual carstic formations and limestone walls such as Vylízaná or Osobitná skala (Licked or Peculiar rock), Kače with a rafts port, Bystrík, Biela skala (White rock), Psia and Popová hora (Dog and Pop mountain) as well as Šlachtovky.

Seven petrified monks

Petrified Carthusians or Camalduls who broke their eremitic oath and due to worldly pleasures forgot the greeting: Memento mori.

Municipal office

Obec Lesnica
Lesnica 26
065 33 Lesnica


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