Ľubovnianske Kúpele

Spa resort

Ľubovnianske Kúpele is a recreational spa resort in the Spiš-šariš intermountain, situated in the valley of Ľubovnianka stream territorially belonging to villages Nová Ľubovňa and Chmeľnica, 8 km south-eastwards from Stará Ľubovňa.

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This spa resort for healing of digestive tract diseases was created in the half of the 19th century under the presence of four ferriferous mineral springs. During the 2nd world war the spa ceased to exist. The spa buildings are nowadays used for recreational purposes.

In addition, you can visit a forest park with dendrologically interesting tree species there as well as mineral springs free-for-all which are estate-bottled and distributed under the name „Ľubovnianka” today. Behind the settlement there is a winter ski resort with three ski lifts.

An educational trail with 6 spots informs about spa´s history, surrounding flora and fauna as well as about precious wood pulps (the only four exemplars of the Pyrenean pine in Slovakia, one of which has up to 11 tree trunks). The Carpathian salamander finds its living place there in a small artificial lake.

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