Village Nová Ľubovňa

A source of mineral springs

A village that belonged to the lordship of Ľubovňa castle and which was put into Polish pawn by king Žigmund together with the castle and 16 other towns of Spiš region.

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Today it presents an up-to-date village with the highest number of inhabitants, modern infrastructure, but at the same time preserving their customs and traditions. On its ground called Ľubovnianske Kúpele, several mineral springs well forth. Formerly used for drinking cures and healing aims, nowadays estate-bottled and distributed under the name „Ľubovnianka“. Besides mineral springs which have refreshing effects the nature offers many opportunities for hiking, cycling, picking mushrooms, wild berries as well as for winter sports or wandering.

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Ski resort in Ľubovnianske Kúpele

The winter ski resort is 8 km far from Stará Ľubovňa. There are 6 ski lifts and slopes of various difficulty grades with a total length of 4600 m at your disposal. The ski resort offers its visitors the possibilty to use a ski school, ski rental as well as a ski servis. Ski slopes are suitable mainly for beginners or advanced skiers.

Personalities of Nová Ľubovňa

Andrej Probstner senior

Mining specialist and undertaker. He interconnected the road from Levoča to Stará Ľubovňa whereby he enabled to link bottom parts of the land with the mountain pass in Mníšek n/Popradom leading to Haliča. He opened Novoľubovnianske Kúpele for the public and assured a road access to that place.

Alfréd Artúr Probstner

Great grand-son of Andrej Probstner senior. In 1921 he inflamed for the putting into service of the closed spa. He also created a bus link leading directly to Novoľubovnianske Kúpele. In addition, he gained the licence to produce and sell mineral waters.

Municipal office

Obec Nová Ľubovňa
Nová Ľubovňa 102
065 11 Nová Ľubovňa


Phone contact

052 42 83 431