Mountain Zvir


Marian pilgrimage site

The mountain Zvir in Litmanová is a Marian spiritual place of pilgrimages and a place of apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary. The Mother of God appeared to two girls, at that time the 11-year old Iveta Korčáková and the 12-year old Katarína Češelková in a small room of a wooden hay-barn (majdán) which is located there on a meadow surrounded by forests until today.

A place to pray – The chapel of Virgin Mary together with the whole area and a spring on Zvir was promoted and proclaimed to be an official Greek Catholic Marian place of pilgrimages of the Archeparchy of Prešov on 7th September 2008 by the squire, Prešov archbishop and metropolitan, Ján Babjak.


Hora Zvir
065 31 Litmanová

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