Pieniny cottage



Accommodation in a renovated cottage for tourists and hikers who want to explore this Goralov region – nature, culture, gastronomy and the conditions in which Gorali live.

The cottage offers accommodation in 25 double rooms (20 extra beds) and one Goral suite, which has 2 double bedrooms with two extra beds. The room has a shower, TV, toilet and WiFi. There is a swimming pool with a depth of 1.2 m, two saunas with a choice of herbal and salt sauna, infrared sauna and dry Finnish sauna and cooling pool.

Good food

At the end of the Dunajec river rafting in the village of Lesnica, the successor of the Gorilla tradition Ján Gondek offers excellent Goral food and drinks, or the famous Goral passage for Goral folk music right in the heart of Pieniny. Cottage Pieniny is an optimal place for relaxation and sports. There is a tennis court, beach volleyball, or children’s climbing frames. Cottage provides transport by bus (52 seats) and minibus (9 seats).

In the vicinity of the cottage is a border crossing to the Polish spa town of Szczawnica. The cottage is also an ideal place for hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing. Regularly organized at the cottage Goralov meeting in Pieniny and starts Pieniny mountain duathlon.

Capacity Cottages Pieniny: Restaurant – 52 seats, Lounge – 20 seats, Goral hut – 50 seats, Conference room – 80 seats, Terrace – 200 seats, Large shelter – 100 seats, Small shelter – 60 seats.


Chata Pieniny
065 33 Lesnica 147

Phone contact

+421 905 963 316





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