Trail of Mineral Springs

Set for a unique touristic trail of mineral springs.

Know the treasure hidden in the nature of the Northern Spiš and Pieniny region. Discover 12 springs with wellness effects on your body.


Spring Voňačka

C, Ca, S

If drunk regularly, it supports digestion. Regular warm baths positively support the treatment of rheumatism.

Ľubovnianske Kúpele

Spring Andrew

Mg, Ca, Na, Si

It is recommended in case of stomach, bowel, kidney, liver, airwaves and urinary system diseases and certain women’s problems and neurological disorders. It acts against exhaustion, has beneficial effects on the heart and muscular system.


Spring Švabľovka

S, C, Ca

As early as in 19th century, the bath spa was established. The spa provided simple, but effective curative procedures focused on the treatment of rheumatic diseases in 15 baths with warmed water.


Spring Ščava

Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn

Drinking cures are recommended in case of chronic stomach disorders, chronic nephritis, in order to prevent hypocalcaemia, inappetence, liver and pancreas diseases.


Spring under The Calvary

Ca, C

It is suitable for drinking cures, which also support the treatment of inappetence, hypocalcaemia, chronic airway or kidney inflammation and urethritis, etc.

Kúpele Vyšné Ružbachy

The Spring of Love and The Spring of Oblivion

C, Ca, Mg

It helps manage abdominal and intestinal problems, sore tonsils and headaches, but also supports the treatment of rheumatic, digestive, skin, pulmonary and cardio-vascular diseases.

Spa resort Červený Kláštor

Spring Smerdžonka

S, Na, Mg, Ca

It is used to treat skin diseases, musculoskeletal, respiratory, oncological, neurological and mental diseases. If drunk regularly, the water helps manage digestive disorders.


The Spring of St. John the Baptist

Water represents an element which was given a great power by the Creator – a power of life but a power of death too. Without water the Earth would be only a dry desert, a land of famine and thirst where people and animals are sentenced to die. May the water of the St. John the Baptist be a symbol of rebirth and renewal in the Holy Spirit for every pilgrim.


Spring Ščava

Na, Ca, Mg, C, N

Drinking cures support the treatment of chronic digestive, kidney, liver and pancreas diseases. They reduce backache, joint and neck pain.


Spring Sulínka

Na, Mg, Ca, Li, CO2

It is used to manage anemia, gastritis and enteritis and supports the treatment of diabetes (Diabetes melitus) and gout (Artritis urica).


Spring Ščava

Ca, Mg, Fe, C

The water has a positive effect on the function of the heart muscle and musculoskeletal system. Regular water intake from this spring positively effects the body and supports the treatment of inappetence or urolithiasis.