Trail of Mineral Springs

Trail of Mineral Springs

The region of Northern Spiš and Pieninyhas a great potential in the regional development of tourism, included in many plans (PHSR) of cities and villages defined as a sector with the potential to create jobs in future.

There is no heavy industry in the region and only a few manufacturers operate here. We strive to turn this apparent disadvantage within the Regional Tourism Organization of NORTHERN SPIŠ – PIENINY (RTO) into an advantage by a continuous building up the brand “The healthiest region of Slovakia”.


Unique natural wealth

The Trail of Mineral Springs shows a unique natural wealth this region has and will make one of the pillars of tourism development. The development of tourism based on exploring mineral springs will be a contribution to our villages in creating their image.

Essential pillars we want to focus on

Clean environment

According to several measurements, the cleanest air in Slovakia is in our region.


The region between two national parks (TANAP, PIENAP)

Medical herbs

Medical herbs and their collection come from the tradition of monks.

Cesta minerálnych prameňov

Kneipp therapy

Sebastian Kneipp, known as a “water doctor” as well, was German priest (1821 – 1897) who discovered a therapeutic power of water on his own body. He suffered from tuberculosis and his health state was really serious, therefore even doctors were giving up any hopes. He used to cure himself in a mean time with cold baths in the Danube.

By that time, based on his knowledge and experiences, he developed a complex natural therapeutic method using the therapeutic energy of water. Even nowadays, his methods are considered to be very efficient and not demanding at the same time, because they help to harden the body, reduce stress and positively affect the human body and help to cure many diseases.



Where are the mineral springs located?

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Spring Voňačka

N49.20773° E20.79072°
N49°12.464′ E20°47.443′

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Ľubovnianske kúpele

Spring Andrew

N49.26235° E20.72866°
N49°15.741′ E20°43.719′

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Spring Švabľovka

N49.28887° E20.62723°
N49°17.332′ E20°37.634′

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Spring Ščava

N49.29607° E20.62061°
N49°17.764′ E20°37.236′

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Spring under The Calvary

N49.30362° E20.59628°
N49°18.217′ E20°35.777′

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Spa resort Vyšné Ružbachy

The Spring of Love and The Spring of Oblivion

N49.3051° E20.55522°
N49°18.306′ E20°33.313′

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Spa resort Červený Kláštor

Spring Smerdžonka

N49.39945° E20.41602°
N49°23.967′ E20°24.961′

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The Spring of St. John the Baptist

N49.3925° E20.63348°
N49°23.55′ E20°38.009′

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Spring Ščava

N49.37626° E20.69924°
N49°22.576′ E20°41.954′

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Spring Sulínka

N49.36099° E20.78188°
N49°21.659′ E20°46.913′

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Spring Ščava

N49.33381° E20.84436°
N49°20.029′ E20°50.662′