Forest park around Ľubovňa Castle

Cycling single-trails present a new conception of cyclingexperience. They are the one-way trails designed for bicycles only whereas the downhill is allowed only. They are located under Osly peak behind Ľubovňa Castle. There is a total number of 12 km of trails and within their connection with the already operating cycling trails under Osly peak, the cyclists have enough opportunities for cycling. Present design and a network of single-trails offer the possibilities of riding for several days and due to their various difficulties, everybody will find his/her favorite one. The names of the trails – Wolf, Bear, Lynx, Fox, Red-Deer, Boar, Badger and Roe-Deer are inspired by the wild game tracks. Wolf trail starts at the ridge of Osly peak. It is a curvy technical track crossing various forests with many natural jumps as the surface of the forest is foldednicely.

  • Wolf trail – It is 3 km long with 250 m elevation. It has around 110 turns and it takes about 11 minutes to complete the trail by a semi-advanced biker. In the lower passage, there are a few jumps built, but anybody can find even natural jumps anywhere along the track. After passing the first third of the Wolf trail, it crosses one of the access roads to Osly peak (asphalt road). In case you do not like to walk, feel free to start your downhill right over there. After passing the second third, bikers reach “the triple crossroad” where you can continue following the Wolf trail or choose the Bear or Lynx trails respectively.
  • Bear trail is of the total length of 600 m and has been built especially for the bikers who love jumps of all the sizes. Beside of the technically more difficult exit, it is quite similar to Wolf trail, additionally offering two variations of downhill and jumps.
  • Lynx trail is totally different, it is 500 m long. It is situated in the exposed terrain and riding it requires a skillful rider and his/her great attention. We definitely recommend it for all skillful riders.
  • Fox trail consists of a rugged and the steepest terrain of 1,2 km length. The terrain is very hard.
  • The red-deer trail is built along the ridge of a mountain and test all your skills and condition. You ride up and down, fast and slow, you will definitely see the most beautiful views over here. The terrain is very hard and 2,4 km long.
  • Boar trail – steep trail without any jumps, it is designed for bike professionals only. The terrain is very hard, 0,4 km long.
  • Badger trail is a connecting and two-waytrail, 1,7 km long. Terrain is easy.
  • The roe-deer trail is the fastest one with the most of the jumps and folds, 1,7 km long. Terrain is easy.
  • The climb is the access trail, technical riding in the single trail up the hill in a total of 1,7km length. The terrain is semi-hard.

Singeltrails Lechnica, Pieniny

Singletrails Lechnica – the longest single-trail resort in Slovakia – 15 km of trails. Single-trails Lechnica is the network of cycling trails in the heart of the Pieniny National Park. You will definitely enjoy riding the trails because of beautiful views on the most visited peak of Pieniny – Tri Koruny (Three Crowns). We offer three trails to ride, two of them are the family trails: GRIFTOF (9 km), ŠPICA (5 km) and the last one is very difficult to ride: GVIZD (1,3 km) designed for skillful riders only. Trails are named by the highest peaks they cross. Regarding the difficulty, GRIFTOF and GVIZD were designed mostly as the sightseeing trails for families, even though skillful riders can enjoy riding them in certain spots. There are magnificent views from both trails on Tri Koruny (Three Crowns), Haligovce Rocks and BelianskeTatras. The surface of the trails is a natural clay. There is a specific climb on GRIFTOF trail which is considered as the TOP climb not only in Slovakia by all of the riders. Riders also like the views and the overall setting and execution of these “cycling trails”. These trails are also used by hikers and mushroom-pickers.

Single-trails Lechnica Resort belongs to the top MTB resorts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the location and tracing of trails as well as their vista points. Thanks to these specifications, the single-trail paradise won the award of THE BEST tourism product of the Prešov Self-Governing Region in 2017. It is still becoming more popular among bikers from Poland, the Czech Republic,and other countries.

Other tourist cycling trails

The surrounding of the most visited castle of the Prešov region is possible to see nowadays even by bicycle. You just need to be fit, have your bicycleand ajoy of spending the time in nature. There is a total number of 22 km of marked trails of a different difficulty. They are technically easy trails suitable for mountain bicycles with a dirt forest surface or asphalt. Trails are semi-hard with several ascending, as you need to expect such a mountainous profile of the tracks around the majestic castle fortress. All along the trail, cycling tourists can take a rest on many resting zones of Ľubovňa forest park or “climb” up to the famous Osly peak.

The trail for all the mountain-bikers, we ascend from StaráĽubovňa to Kotník peak continuously. You will enjoy the views on the Levoča Mountains, Poprad Basin and even the HightTatras there. You can enjoy the relaxing mode in a thermal swimming pool in VyšnéRužbachy and admire the sculpture mastership of the scappled travertine. The trail further continues through a meadow countryside and villages Kamienka and Jarabina heading up to Vabec Saddle where you can enjoy a beautiful view on the High Tatras massif. Further part of a trail is physically and technically hard, but rewards the cyclist with the unforgettable natural scenery of forests and meadows. The top spot of this trail is Rozdiel Saddle where you will admire the panorama of the Slovak-Polish borders.

The start of a trail, thus the place of turning is called Hrby. The first seven kilometers of track characterize typical slight ascend and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the High Tatras peaks and ridges and a part of the Levoča Mountains. The trail takes us through a solid old asphalt road and crosses deep forests. From Malýváclavák (Small Wenceslas), located approximately in the middle of this trail, the terrain is sloping and brings the biker through a relatively long and easy downhill to the valley of the village of Jakubany, through which the Jakubianka Creek flows. Here, the trail joins the asphalt road connecting the village of Jakubany and NováĽubovňa, following up to the final destination of our trail – Stará Ľubovňa.

We can visit the Polish neighbors through the Dunajec River Gorge – easy cycling tour through the wonderful scenery of the Dunajec River Gorge starts near the National Cultural Landmark of the Museum of ČervenýKláštor. It is suitable for families with children. The first attraction on our trail is Jánošík’s Jump, where you can take a rest on the rocks and watch the rafts sailing down the Dunajec River and skillfully operated by Goral youngsters. The gorge trail turns six times and follows the meander shapes entrenched into the steep rocky slopes. In the curve of the third meander, we can admire the legendary rocky towers Seven Monks reaching the height of almost 70 m. We soon reach the location of Poľana and the last meander of the Dunajec ahead of the Lesnica Creek delta. It is dominated by a high sleek cliff Sokolica (747 m) on the Polish side. By Lesnica Creek, we turn left along the asphalt road and the concrete pavement-blockroadlater on and enter the Polish climatic spa Szczawnica. You can enjoy many cultural and sports activities here. On our way back, you can refresh yourselves in Pieniny Cottage in the village of Lesnica.

  • Tour length: 10,5 km (ČervenýKláštor – Lesnica- Szczawnica)
  • Elevation (there/back): 132/117
  • Difficulty: easy trail suitable for families with children