Village Litmanová

A place of pilgrimages

A Ruthenian village set in the beautiful nature of Ľubovňa highlands, lying on the border with Poland. It is a great place to relax during the whole year.

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Original architecture – wooden blockhouses and barns originally called „majdány“, the preserved Ruthenian dialect as well as a modern ski resort – paradise for skiers – meets there on one place. Soul at peace can be found on the Zvir mountain which is a well-known place of pilgrimages for many believers. Litmanová is linked to its Polish neighbours by marked tourist paths.

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What is worth visiting in Litmanová?

Ski Fakľovka

A ski resort where amateur as well as top rank skiers have at their disposal various inclines and profiles of ski slopes in an altitude from 690 to 920 metres. The terraines there are also suitable for various competitions and races. At an incline degree of 280 m there are 3 ski lifts (150, 400 and 1000 m.) Their total transport capacity is 2000 persons/hour. All the ski slopes are artificially snowed and lighted. In the area visitors can use complete catering services in a stylish Goral tea room and snack-bar. Self-evident is the ski rental and ski-servis. Visitors can acommodate directly in the resort in wooden cottages.

Municipal office

Obec Litmanová
Litmanová 79
065 31 Litmanová


Phone contact

052 42 86 201